For Hobby and Commercial

Customizable design

Connect Hardware

Quick Easy

You can buy the electronics from PiBot store, with the firmware and software support, you can bulid your machine easier.

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Responsive Layout

Upload Firmware

One-page Configure

Configure the related parameter in the firmware and upload to the controller board, then make the machine works correctly.

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Mega Menu

Software Setting


Set the Software according to your machine before make it works. it will be the unique stuff :-)

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Pre-Order Notification

  • We are editing the related pages now, new board and the set of rev2.x will can be pre-order this week
  • The packages will send begin in end of December and finish in early of January

Free Shipping Notification

  • Over $116 and less than 1kg can get free shipping
  • Products include the freeshipp label can get free shipping

Shipping to Worldwide

  • DHL: 5 - 9 days
  • EUB: 10 - 30 days

PiBot Products

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