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Recruit the GRBL engineer for the adapter board for new GRBL firmware version, please email us.

For Hobby and Commercial

PiBot For Business

If you want do some business on the 3D printer. And you want to provide a specialized version of our PiBot 3D Printer Hardware & Software version to your customers? No problem, we are interested in making high quality products and help your company gaining a decent profit. And we can offer this service with a rational price.


Our Responsibilities

  • Answering support email from existing customers.
  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting technical product problems.
  • Respond to customer’s networking software issues.
  • Resolve client issues in a positive and effective manner.
  • Educate and conduct 1 on 1 training with clients as requested.
  • Review and update product documentation.

Your Advantages In Software

  • Get listet as distributor of your Host in “About Us”.
  • Your drivers and all printer, slicer and filament settings are already included, your customers get a PLUG & PRINT EXPERIENCE.
  • We also provide the software update which is free for the first year.
  • Less support questions and satisfied customers with your predefined presets.

Digital Signed Installer

For better trust and to detect changes by trojans or viruses we sign our installers, so Windows 8 users have no problems installing the software. When someone modifies the installer, the certificate gets invalid.Predefined settings for your printer configuration, we can put all your printer information on your printer list.

Setup Wizard

Your setup will of course contain your name, so the user directly knows, he is installing the right version for your printer(s).

The Host Customization

A splash screen shown at startup with some picture of your printer or what ever you want to show there. Size something around 500×400 pixel. Different sizes are possible.

Interface customization

  • A name you defined can replace the PiBot-Host String in the main window as well as to the installation folder.
  • An additional help button “Ask xyz” in the help menu and if you send a 32x32 and 64x64 and 256x256 pixel .png and .ico with transparency also in the toolbar.
  • Up to 5 additional links in help menu.
  • Optional listing as distributor for your own version.
  • Predefined settings for your printer configuration, we can put all your printer information to your printer list.
  • You can show a gcode on the first and only first startup to offer something to print in the first run. Give us a copy of the gcode and it will be loaded on first start. After that it is part of the history and can be loaded until it vanishes from history.
  • Custom print material parameters.


Your own information on the PCB board.