Please make sure that we reply every mail, But need some time to deal.
Recruit the GRBL engineer for the adapter board for new GRBL firmware version, please email us.

For Hobby and Commercial



You can get the related tutorails from:


Technical Support:

A, Please use the PiBot offical hardware firmware software.

B, If you meet the trouble plese provide the related item to us in email - (support(at) as following:

  • 1: Description your trouble, you do better give us the picture or videos
  • 2: Send us a complete firmware
  • 3: Tell me which vesion of software
  • 4: The vesion of controller board
  • 5: The power supply model
  • 6: Thermistor (for 3D printer only)
  • 7: Extruder (for 3D printer only)
  • 8: Heat bed (for 3D printer only)
  • 9: Endstop (for 3D printer only)
  • 10: LCD (for 3D printer only)
  • 11: Relay (for CNC only)
We will ask you as soon as possible.

Third-party Support:

C, If you use the third-party (include repetier official and GRBL official), we provide the limit support, you can post the problem to the forum.