if you have some problem with the upload, it maybe need repair the bootload
order url :https://www.pibot.com/bootloader-and-recovery-tool.html

What is it

Sepecial designed for PiBot Controller Board Rev 2.x

Easy for you re-bootloader PiBot Controller Board Rev 2.x for origin setting.

Also can use for the other Mega 2560 Board.

How it works


Disconnect from the other kits,only left the usb for 5v power supply.

then plug the bootloader tool to the board.

Working show the red and green led flash.

Finish Job

Wating about few seconds,  when the Green Light steay, then finish.


  • Size of PCB:37.3mm × 15.5mm × 7mm;
  • Module Weight: 3.5g;
  • Connection Port: ICSP;


Shipping List

  • PiBot Bootloader Tool × 1