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Brand: PiBot Model: PIROB400N01
Meowbit is a card-sized grahical programming video game console designed for teenagers. It contains 1.8' full-color screen, 6 x programmable buttons ,1 x buzzer, built-in light sensor , temperatur sensor, SD card slot (For extenal stoage),multyplayer connector and edge connector. Espcially the edge ..
Brand: PiBot Model: PIROB400N02
IObit, IO refers to (input, output), IObit as seen from the name is mainly to serve as pin outputs. It's suitable for some DIY enthusiasts hoping to use all of the IO ports. SHIPPING IObit 2.0 X1 Introduction This is a low-cost expansion board for Micro:bit, which is specifically used fo..
Brand: PiBot Model: PIROB400N03
Robotbit is a robotic expansion board specially designed for micro:bit by the KittenBot team. It has a powerful ability to drive DC motors, stepper motors, and servos. It also comes with an onboard buzzer, four RGB pixels and releases all valid IO from micro:bit, with support for the most common el..
Brand: PiBot Model: PIROB400N04
The micro:bit is a pocket-sized codeable computer with motion detection, a built-in compass, LED display, and Bluetooth technology built in. It measures 4cm by 5cm, is available in a range of colours, and designed to be fun and easy to use. It can be coded with something simple in seconds – like ..
Brand: PiBot Model: PIROB400N05
Increase your micro:bit cuteness factor to over NINE THOUSAND with these soft rubber cases. They'll protect your micro:bit but still give you access to all of the ports, buttons, and lights. The Kitty Case is made from hard-wearing, soft, flexible rubber, making it a cinch to fit or remove it. Th..
Brand: PiBot Model: PIROB400N06
Description It be designed with bilateral symmetry, onboard micro:bit board socket, 18650 battery socket, USB power supply interface, 3-5v external power interface, 4 programmable RGB lights, buzzer, I2C interface , WIFI camera serial port, all kinds of motor interfaces and so on, which is an expan..
Brand: PiBot Model: PIROB400N07
Description The gray one is servo with 270°degrees for the construction of angular control projects, such as manipulators, towers. The red one is motor suitable for projects that require continuous rotation, such as car wheels, Ferris wheel steering gear. With the controller board and bui..
Brand: PiBot Model: PIROB401N01
Description The Running:bit building block kit with 173 blocks, two building block motors and a building block servo that can be used to build Pretty car, Proficient Carrier, Robot with clip, Skilled remover, Mobile shooter and so on. Equipped with the super:bit multi-function expans..
Brand: PiBot Model: PIROB401N02
description This Omni-directional mobile smart car is made up of 146 blocks, 4 building blocks motors and 4 Omni-directional wheels. With the Super:bit expansion board with powerful motor drive capability, using MakeCode graphical programming, it can easily control its 360° omnidirectional movement..
Brand: PiBot Model: PIROB401N03
Description Super:bit expansion board with 142 blocks and 2 building blocks servos, can be built into the shape of a spider. It can make spiders live with a mobile phone remote control APP. You can control the spider to move forward and backward, turn left and right, tweet, RGB color change, e..
Brand: PiBot Model: PIROB401N04
Description This is a collection of building blocks, programming and creativity. 183 blocks and 1 building block motor, coupled with a Super:bit multi-function expansion board, which can be built into a biped robot that can walk like a human--- Biped:bit. We can control motion s..
Brand: PiBot Model: PIROB401N05
Description This Arm:bit is made up of 537 blocks and 4 durable building blocks. The user can control it to complete the 4 degrees of freedom operation and pick up the items by the Android/iOS mobile APP. Its biggest feature is that the base of Arm:bit adopts anti-wrap design, which does not affect..
Brand: PiBot Model: PIROB401N06
This programmable building block kit includes micro:bit board, micro:bit expansion board, battery, motor, and other electronic components, and more than 260 building blocks. We also provide a building block assembly manual that provides the steps to assemble into 9 different building blocks. The bi..
Model: PIROB401N07
Description Croco:kit is a learning kit for STEAM education. It comes with a BBC micro:bit board, includes 13 sensor modules, servo, motor and fan, and the diamond expansion board with touch chip. They can be easily connected to each other by alligator clips. Usi..
Model: PIROB401N08
Description This camera platform mainly consists of two 180-degree servos, a WIFI camera, and an acrylic platform holder. As long as you have the ability to drive two 5v servos and a WIFI camera serial port, you can use this camera platform. It is a DIY product that supports a v..
Model: PIROB401N09
Description Spin:bit building block kit contains 265 blocks and a building block motor that can be built into the shape of a Ferris wheel. It supports Android/iOS mobile phone Bluetooth APP control. In addition to the standard shape Super:bit building block Ferris whee..
Brand: PiBot Model: PIROB401N10
Description This is a compact structure, flexible movement and durable in use omnidirectional Mecanum wheel for all types of smart robot cars. Compared to other common wheels, this Mecanum wheel can allow your car to achieve 360° movement for faster travel in a va..
Model: PIROB401N11
Description Yahboom micro:bit Starter Kit is tailor-designed for micro:bit experiment and programming beginners. With Micro:bit as the core controller, abundant electronic components in the kit, such as LED light, buzzers, servo, sensors, etc, are used to complete various types of experiments. We a..
Model: PIROB401N12
Description Tiny:bit is a robotic car for the micro:bit education market. It is compact, easy to assemble, and easy to move in tight spaces. The Tiny:bit smart car is based on the micro:bit development board design and uses the online code programming of MakeCode Editor. Rich sensor applications al..
Model: PIROB401N13
Yahboom micro:bit smart robot is developed with the most popular Micro:bit board as the core controller. Using Micro:bit dot matrix screen as the body, the entire vehicle adopts elaborate metal motor, high-quality battery and firm bracket to create a compact and beautiful appearance. And it is contr..
Model: PIROB401N14
This is a mobile programming robot platform based on BBC original Micro:bit development board. We have designed three different shapes for this robot: basic model, clip model, and lift model. The Hellobot programmable robot is designed for teenagers over 10 years old. It is easy to install with a sc..
Model: PIROB401N15
Description Tumble: bit building kit contains 315 building blocks and two building motors, which can be used to build a two-wheeled balance car and a unicycle. It is equipped with a super: bit expansion board, BBC micro: bit as the core controller, and using MakeCode Editor graphical programming to..
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