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J-Head Mk V-BV kits (0.35mm Nozzle for 3mm Filament Obey Original Design)

Nozzle diameter 0.35mm for 3.0mm filament.
Weight: 0.050kg

Availability: Out of stock

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What is it

J-Head is a combination of ideas from other nozzle designs combined with a goal to reduce the number of custom machined parts to a bare minimum.

By reducing the number of machined parts, it is hoped that the cost of this hot-end can be kept down while improving the reliability.

J- Head MK V-BV: Obey the rules of the original design.

This kits are not assembled.


J- HEARD MKV-BV: Obey the rules of the original design

J- HEARD MKV-BV: Obey the rules of the original design

J- HEARD MKV-BV: Obey the rules of the original design



  • Nozzle Aperture: 0.35mm
  • Filament Diameter: 3.0mm
  • PTFE Liner: 1/8" ID, 1/4" OD PTFE tubing
  • Heating Power: 30W
  • Thermistor: Semitec 104GT-2
  • Hollow-lock Socket Set Screw: 5/16-24 hollow-lock socket set screw
  • Flat Washer: 1/4" OD Flat Washer



J-Head is an open-source design from Wik, you can get detailed information in the forum.There will not be related technical support from PiBot for this commodity.


J Head Nozzle - RepRapWiKi


Shipping List

  • J-Head MK V-BV Assembly x 1


Shipping Notification

World Wide Shiping

  • DHL: 5 to 9 days
  • EUB: 10 to 30 days


noReview by あいむ
no! it is $29 when i bought it,Not gonna lie, Im a bit pissed about this purchase.
coolReview by Tyler
Quality prusa is running now
cost-effectiveReview by Adrew
A few days on it now still working like a champ. Really very cost-effective

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