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Technical Support:

A, Please use the PiBot offical hardware firmware software.

B, If you meet the trouble plese provide the related item to us in email - (support(at) as following:

  • 1: Description your trouble, you do better give us the picture or videos
  • 2: Send us a complete firmware
  • 3: Tell me which vesion of software
  • 4: The vesion of controller board
  • 5: The power supply model
  • 6: Thermistor (for 3D printer only)
  • 7: Extruder (for 3D printer only)
  • 8: Heat bed (for 3D printer only)
  • 9: Endstop (for 3D printer only)
  • 10: LCD (for 3D printer only)
  • 11: Relay (for CNC only)
We will ask you as soon as possible.

Third-party Support:

C, If you use the third-party (include repetier official and GRBL official), we provide the limit support, you can post the problem to the forum.

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Hello, Dear EveryBody: in 2020 ! Now the Products are gradually in Stock,Thanks for all of yours Support!!!