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28 Jun Finished TEST - Rev2.x Board for Repetier 1.0.3 and Arduino IDE 1.18.12
28 Jun Finished TEST - Rev2.x Board GRBL 1.1f for new version Candle cnc and LaserGRBL
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Rev2.x Board GRBL 1.1f for new version Candle cnc and LaserGRBL finish!Use the newest Arduino IDE and Newest software!Will publish soon,  or please contact us to get it, Now making the tutorails......
24 Jun AHHH, feel some of interesting about that test result
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AHHH, feel some of interesting about that test resultin testing now!..
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if you have some problem with the upload, it maybe need repair the bootloadorder url : is itSepecial designed for PiBot Controller Board Rev 2.xEasy for you re-bootloader PiBot Controller Board Rev 2.x for origin setting.Also can use for the other Mega 2560 Board.How it worksPlugDisconnect ..
15 Jun Grbl 1.1f in testing with pwm output check
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grbl-1-1-board-testing including cnc and laser focus me on instagram :  pibot_insPWM output check..
13 Jun Pins Map Drawing for Controller Boards Rev2.0
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download or open it in new windows..
12 Jun Some Confused about the Repetier lastest firmware 1-0-3 about the Extruder number define
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We Define the Extruder number in PCB named E1 E2,but make attention about that, in the repetier web configration page you need think it as E0 E1.Refer to The heater number is H0 H2Refer to The Temperature number is T0 T2The H1 T1 refer to the heat-bedyou can open the heat-bed fuction in configuration.h..
11 Jun easy-cable-wried
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05 Jun some designs update for easy assembly -one A5 wrinting plate clip can install
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You can find such those plate in lots of super market in your cityalso update the cool sink for easy assembly..
03 Jun PiBot WIFI connection plugin Ready!
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just only a plug kit, use your pc or phone fill with your wifi ssid and pass via web ui than ,ready to works, 1minsthe tutorials will come soon!support 3d cnc laser,,,, software!test in the newest repetier host software ready!..
28 May Some Back in stock now, Mass produce will come soon!
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Some Back in stock now,Mass produce will come soon!..
26 May Re-produced have get, now in test
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