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28 May Some Back in stock now, Mass produce will come soon!
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Some Back in stock now,Mass produce will come soon!..
26 May Re-produced have get, now in test
25 May After 7 years, the Zero generation (Engineering prototype) Still strong!
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After 7 years, the PiBot 3D printer zero generation (Engineering prototype) Still strong!..
12 Feb PiBot Boards will be Re-Produced
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PiBot Boards will be Re-Produced, Now in Preparing the Designed Document...
04 Feb Establish in 2013
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What is 7 years ago website look like? see this: ..
04 Feb SSL Make Payment more Safety
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SSL Added http:// force to https:// in Make Payment more safety..
01 Feb Core Changed Make Fast Web Visit
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Core Changed Make Fast Web Visit..
01 Jan New Products come in 2020!
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31 Dec Apology for old Products out of Stock
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Apology for old Products out of StockSome Product will come back!..
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Hello, Dear EveryBody: in 2020 ! Now the Products are gradually in Stock,Thanks for all of yours Support!!!