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PiBot Heatbed Rev2.0 (12V or 24V 250 x 250mm)

PiBot Heatbed Rev2.0 (12V or 24V 250 x 250mm)
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PiBot Heatbed Rev2.0 (12V or 24V 250 x 250mm)
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What is it

Heatbed can improve print quality by keeping from warping.

Suitable for various types of 3D Printers.

You may need a glass and the tape before make it work.


How it works

Diameter and Pitch




Connect to the mother controller board



Firmware Configure

More detail please check the tutorials - "Configure Your Firmware".

Set heatbed options.

  • HAVE_HEATED_BED "true"







  • Size of Heatbed Board: 250mm × 250mm
  • Fixing holes spacing: 258mm × 242mm
  • Fixing holes diameter: 3mm
  • DC Power Input: 12V or 24V
  • Rated power: 213.6W
  • Rated Current: 17.8A
  • Resistor(12V): 0.6738-0.8086Ω
  • Thermistor: Through hole NTC thermistor or 0805 SMT thermistor


Shipping List

  • PiBot Heat Bed 250 x 250mm × 1
  • 100k Ω  NTC Thermistor × 1

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