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Connect CNC Hardware for Board Rev2.x



Cables and Connector

There are 2 kinds of connector in the board rev2.0, you can use the normal cable connnect or use the quick connector provide by pibot to save time.

PiBot Board rev2.0 is flexible and compatible, you can use the pibot official kits or a third party to build your CNC.

For Third-party kits only provide limited service, if meet the problem, please ask in the forum.


Wiring Diagram for CNC


 Download the pdf --


Connect with PiBot Kit

Stepper Driver and Motor Connect




Endstop Connect

endstop connect


Isolate Relay Connect


Notification Module
Hello, Dear EveryBody: in 2020 ! Now, the PiBot CNC & 3D Printer Boards in Re-producing, Thanks for all of yours Support!!!