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PiBot 3D Printer Software


**We Have Updated the Board Version to Rev2.3 in 2020**


**Controller Board Rev2.3 Compatiable Lastest Repetiter Software**


The Repetier Office Software Compatiable PiBot Controller Board Rev2.3

Click Here Download  3D Printer Software From Repetier for Board Rev2.3(New!)

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Old Documents Index




Old Version Changed Log


Version 1.1.4
* Update the PiBot Controller Rev2.0's USB driver software.
* Fix bug about uninstall relative path.
* Fix bug in install file
Version 1.1.3 
* Fix some bug when connected.
* Modified the display style of the software information. 
* Limit the example stl or gcode load times.
* Get machine type (in firmware) displayed in the host status bar.
Version 1.1.2 
* Add AutoLevel function item into Slice combox.
* Fix problem of load failure.
* Load an example stl ten times for newer user to learn how it work.

Version 1.1.1 
* Fix the Sicer load bug.
* Simplified PiBot Host-3D printer's UI, and some useless function.
* Rewrite the Help items, disabled few error links.
* Turn off the Bluetooth setting item. 

Version 1.1.0
* Modified the model analysis progress.
* Fixed few bugs in the process of parameter selection.
* Add double extruder parameters.
* Modified translation en.xml tw.xml and zh.xml. 
* Get PiBot example load.

Version 1.09A
* Modified some Slice configuration.
* Update PiBot driver software. 
* Add PiBot 3D printer parts into PiBot setup file\PiBot STL Examples.
* Modified some Bugs in Version 1.09.
* With Slic3r V1.17 included

Version 1.09
* Added Slic3r quick configuration combox, switch button and functions .
* Added support material, solid infill, perimeters, layer height, bed size, 
* print center, Infill pattern, top/ bottwn infill pattern, infill density
* Infill angel, comments and them functions.
* Inriched translation items.

Version 1.08 
* More machine type added
* New machine data included
* Add more language items
* Costomizable option set to default.

Version 1.07
* Creat PiBot software and hard ware ESN number

Version 1.06 
* Modify the Pibot hardware driver install file(very important), please update your old versions.
* Inrich machine type, add PiBot test option.

Version 1.05A
* Slic3r 1.00RC included.
* Add national flag to the luanguage option.
* Add more pibot machine types to it.
* enrich the build-in config data.
* modify other small parts.

Version 1.05
* Slic3r 1.00RC included.
* Add notice information in the main window.
* Add the new filaments data, PLA Skyblue and PLA light Yellow information

Version 1.04
* Quick setup and uninstall
* Set default printer is PiBot, add new PiBot 3D printer config into software.
* Add the formal Version check function, quick update.
* Add then Notice information,use the timer1.
* Add virable isPiBot and it's function. 

Version 1.03 
*  Faster connect with reset
*  Fixed crash when stl loaded is modified later.
*  Printer Settings can be opened during print.
*  Better handling of connection without reset.
*  New algorithm for normal orientation detection.
*  Faster loading of files in some cases.
*  Faster refresh your Serial port
*  Add the PiBot test code
*  New package stile, with old version check and auto uninstall
*  Add the regedit iformation clear function
*  PI Support and Other connection url insert.
*  Increase some translation items in en.xml and zh.xml	

Version 1.02
* Fixed bug with resend errors.
* Better connection handling for Printrboard

Version 1.01
* Slic3r 0.9.10 included.
* Redesigned object placement tab.
* Cut objects in any direction.
* Analyse mesh, calc volume, surface, dimensions.
* Import/export obj format files.
* Use obj for exported models for slic3r.
* Repair normal orientation.
* Repair some simple mesh defects.
* Show mesh defects.
* Better viewing of edges.
* Allow floating point values for all countries.
* Fixed problem with G92 showing wrong coords.
* Faster connects for most boards.
* Different emergency button settings.
* Import obj models.
* Associate stl/obj/gcode/gco/g/g with PiBot-Host.
* More default view angles.
* New language: Basque
* Belt and leadscrew calculator.
* Many small fixes and improvements.

Version 1.00
* Slic3r 0.9.9 included
* Store slicer selection with printer settings.
* Drag and Drop of stl and g-code files into host.
* Preview of G2/G3 in xy plane.
* Fixed some viewing errors.
* Set DTR to off on connect. Reduces error rate on some boards.
* Security question if heaters are on during close.
* Check if objects are inside printable area before slicing starts.
* Better error correction with Marlin.
* Create only as many filament configs as extruders enabled in host.
* Added @execute host command to call programs during print.
* In parallel top view user and view center are moved to stay on top.
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