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PiBot Mechanical Endstop Rev2.3 (Easy Assemble in Openbuilds V-Slot)

PiBot Mechanical Endstop Rev2.3 (Easy Assemble in Openbuilds V-Slot)
PiBot Mechanical Endstop Rev2.3 (Easy Assemble in Openbuilds V-Slot)
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What is it

Based on ball bearing snap-action switch.

Used to find the datum point( such as x y z (0,0,0)) or keep movement in intended range.

Suitable for 3D Printer and CNC or other motion controller board.

Apply to Joystick, TV game, Time recorder, Air conditioner, Food processor, Juice maker, Alarm, Mixer, Shredder machine, etc.


How it works


Connect to the PiBot controller board via endstop cable





Firmware Configure (3D Printer)

More detail please check the tutorials - "Configure Your Firmware".

Select the type and quantity of endstop. 

  • MODEL_ENDSTOP "optical"
  • NUM_ENDSTOP "three "




Assembly in CNC



Assembly in 3D printer



  • Excellent reliable snap action switch with Mechanically life 1000000 cycles
  • Snap action switch Rating: 5A 125V AC, Insulation Resistance:100MΩ(min), Contact Resistance:30mΩ(max)
  • With power and work display LED(red and blue).
  • Size of Endstop Board: 33mm x 18mm
  • Hole Diameter: 3mm
  • Mounter Hole: 20mm x 10mm


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  • PiBot Mechanical Endstop Rev2.0 × 1

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