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For Hobby and Commercial

PiBot Controller Board Rev2.0 (CNC and 3D Printer 2 in 1)

Can be used for CNC and 3D printer, PiBot provide solutions of hardware firmware and software, special circuit designed improve the Anti-electromagnetic interference ability in CNC used, better than the arduino shield.

Weight: 0.105kg

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Video1 Used for CNC


Video2 Used for 3D Printer


What is it

Designed for GRBL CNC and 3D printer. link between your PC and your stepper driver drivers for stepper motors. It uses the USB port which is available on all modern computers and laptops.

Purpose of designed is for easy to connect and use by Beginner, Developer, or Manufacturer.

Some features as following:

  • Anti-electromagnetic interference designed for improve the stability and reliability of USB communication
  • One-key switch to select the fuction between (CNC running) and (3D printer running/program) model
  • Support 2 Extruders for 3d printer and 5 Axizs for CNC
  • Directly upload firmware to the board use PiBot version of upload tool and firmware, No fuss, No Strange
  • Clear fuction zone for GRBL CNC and 3D printer
  • FDTI USB communication chips compatible for Win Linux Mac
  • Blue tooth avaiable (optional)
  • No need soldering, Easy or Quick connector designed for hobbies or factories 
  • Stepper signal output can be choose on board for "en dir clk gnd" or "en dir clk +5V"

  • Provide I²C interface for LCD Displayer such as viki LCD, and 20×pins interface for PiBot LCD SD controller
  • Provide long cables for easier building, just need plug (optional)
  • A variety of LED diagnostic light used to indicate status, buttom-keys speaker avaiable.
  • Onboard fan for mosfet cooling, raise board reliability (optional)
  • PiBot have experience on designed and production, server for hobbies and factory, will test one by one before shipping


How it works

Fuction Zone


  • 1: Power input zone
  • 2: Communication zone
  • 3: Common port zone
  • 4: 3D printer zone
  • 5: CNC zone
  • 6: Others zone

Wiring Diagram for 3D Printer


 Download the pdf --


Wiring Diagram for CNC


Download the pdf --


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Documents and Downloads



  • Main Power Input: DC 12V - 30V (12V recommend)
  • Heat Bed Power Input: DC 12V - 30V (Depend on the model of heat bed)
  • Power Inpu Fuse: 15A
  • Communication Mode: USB Cable or Blue Tooth
  • Made with 2 oz. copper 2 Layer and RoHS compliant PCB
  • Dimensions: 130mm × 90mm × 26mm (without fan)
  • Hole Diameter: 3mm
  • Fan Mounter Hole: 31mm × 31mm
  • Board Mounter Hole: 120mm × 80mm



Shipping List

  • PiBot Controller Board Rev2.0 × 1


Shipping Notification

World Wide Shiping

  • DHL: 5 to 9 days
  • EUB: 10 to 30 days


Better than TinyGReview by Hulu
Better than TinyG

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